Tim Wind - Psychologiepraktijk Amsterdam Centrum

Tim Wind

Tim is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist at Psychology Practice Amsterdam Center. He is specialized in trauma complaints, anxiety, depression and complaints related to personality problems. Aside from Psychology Practice Amsterdam Center, Tim works as a therapist and head of an e-health ambulantory team and of a veteran day care programme at Centrum ’45, the national Dutch psychotrauma center. In addition to being a therapist, Tim is a university lecturer and a taekwondo trainer.

CoC: 72352426, Clinical psychologist/GZ-psychologist BIG registration: 19917078025, Psychotherapist BIG registration: 19917078016


Janneke Ferwerda - Psychologiepraktijk Amsterdam Centrum

Janneke Ferwerda

Janneke is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and behavioral therapist (VGCt) at Psychology Practice Amsterdam Center She is specialized in the treatment of trauma-related complaints, anxiety complaints, self-image problems and problems in the area of ​​ ​​emotion regulation. Aside from Psychology Practice Amsterdam Center, Janneke works as a caregiver at GGZ Noord Holland-Noord. She supervises colleagues in training to become health psychologists and she teaches at various postgraduate courses.

CoC: 71053646, Clinical psychologist/GZ-psychologist BIG registration: 09912404025, Psychotherapist BIG registration: 29912404016, Cognitive behavioral therapist VGCt


Suzan Ben Chamach

Suzan Ben Chamach works as an independent clinical psychologist and psychotherapist at Psychology Practice Amsterdam Center. She is registered as a cognitive behavioral therapist and supervisor VGCt, senior schema therapist and EMDR practitioner. Suzan specializes in treatment of eating disorders, personality issues, trauma-related and anxiety complaints. Next to her work for Psychology Practice Amsterdam Center, Suzan works as a clinical psychologist at De Viersprong and supervises psychologists in training for cognitive behavioral therapists.

CoC: 73831808, Clinical psychologist BIG registration: 89910947225, Psychotherapist BIG registration: 19910947216



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