Schema focused therapy

Do you notice that you react emotionally more strongly to something than necessary? Are you always very strict to yourself and do you feel inhibited? Does your behavior show rigid patterns that you can not change, even if you really want it?

Schema focused therapy helps you to understand the origins of your behavior and to change this.

Many patterns in our behavior arose early in our lives, for example in the family in which we grew up or because of other experiences in our youth. These patterns are so familiar and so automatic that they do not really stand out anymore. However, they can hinder you in your life and in the things you want to achieve. For example, you may have learned that you did not show feelings too much. You keep emotions away, but therefore also do not know what you feel, want and need.

Schema focused therapy helps you recognize obstructive patterns and to adjust where necessary. You learn to feel what needs you have and you learn to stand up for yourself in a healthier way.